Amethyst Crystals for Healing Headaches

Amethyst is a purple crystal and is popularly thought to have a balancing effect. Small amethyst crystals can be found for as cheap as 50 cents a piece. Amethyst, which has powerful healing properties, is a type of quartz, related to rose quartz and blue quartz.

The following method of relieving headaches requires the use of three amethyst crystals:

Lie down on a comfortable surface, such as a couch or bed. Ensure that you have enough space to be fully stretched out, and that the room is a comfortable temperature. Playing relaxing music or nature sounds at a low volume can help to enhance the healing process.

Take two of the amethyst crystals and place them at either side of your neck, just above the collar bone. Both crystals should point upwards. Place the third amethyst on the center of your forehead – also pointing upward. This placement should help relieves tension and balance the energies around the neck and head.

Now close your eyes and take deep slow breaths through the nose. Hold your breath for a couple of seconds before slowly exhaling out of your mouth. Continue to repeat this pattern of breathing while picturing yourself from above your body. Visualize a purple, healing glow is emanating from the amethyst crystals. Visualize this gentle glow surrounding your neck and head. Continue to breathe in this healing energy and release any pain or stress with every exhalation.

Your headache should begin to subside in a few minutes, leaving you feeling more calm and relaxed, and headache-free.

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