The healing properties of blue quartz.

Blue Quartz Healing Properties and Uses

Blue Quartz Crystal Properties

  • Enhances and Fosters Communication
  • Improves Mental Clarity and Focus
  • Increases Order and Organization
  • Promotes Tranquility, Peace, and Joy
  • Reduces Tension, Anxiety, and Fear
  • Detoxifies and Calms the Body
  • Enhances Spiritual Communication and Development

Blue Quartz Chakra Associations

  • Throat Chakra (Fifth Chakra)
  • Third-Eye Chakra (Sixth Chakra)

Description of Blue Quartz

Blue quartz is a variety of quartz that gets its blue color from inclusions of other minerals, such as tourmaline, dumortierite, or riebeckite. The color can range from gray-blue to a striking, deep blue. Because its coloring is produced by mineral inclusions, blue quartz is translucent, not transparent.

Healing properties of blue quartz.

The color of blue quartz is created by the inclusion of small amounts of other minerals inside the quartz.

The healing properties and uses of blue quartz are thought to be rooted in its powerful ability to help balance the throat chakra, along with its capacity to open and enhance the energy flow between the physical chakras and the spiritual chakras.  Blue quartz is mainly associated with the throat chakara (5th) and third-eye chakra (6th) chakras.

It is a useful and highly effective crystal, both physically and emotionally, as well as spiritually and metaphysically. Blue quartz vibrates at a high frequency, making it a very potent crystal for healing or other uses.

General Uses of Blue Quartz

Blue quartz is the main crystal used for enhancing communication, increasing clarity, and bringing a sense of order. Blue quartz serves as an ideal tool for helping people to communicate more openly and effectively. It also helps to promote better communication between people by promoting connection and understanding.

When one’s mind or emotions are in a state of chaos, this stone is an ideal tool tool for reestablishing focus, order, and balance. Likewise, blue quartz can be used to enhance mental clarity when one is experiencing disorganization or lack of focus.

Because blue quartz is able to improve both communication and clarity, it is an ideal crystal to use when either diplomacy or bargaining is required. Blue quartz emits energy that soothes and calms, increasing feelings of tranquility.  This property can be used in any situation that requires agreement. By enhancing open communication and promoting a feeling of peace, blue quartz can help to smooth disagreements and promote open communication and understanding.

Additionally, blue quartz can be used to help an individual to be able to see and accept the reality of a situation, as well as enable them to respond to it in an effective and positive way.

This stone’s ability to stimulate mental focus and clarity can also be used to unblock the mind, thereby promoting and enhancing both creativity and expression.

Physical Healing Properties

When it comes to the physical body, blue quartz mainly act as a calming influence on the body.  It has been popularly used as an aid to cool, calm, and soothe the throat and thyroid (due to its influence on the throat chakra). However, its calming and soothing abilities can be used on any part of the body.

The healing properties of blue quartz are associated with the throat chakra.

Blue quartz’s influence on the throat chakra give it the ability to heal, calm, and sooth the throat and thyroid.

This stone is also able to help reduce or eliminate toxins from the body, as well as sooth and calm muscles and nerves.

It is believed that blue quartz is able to convey positive health benefits for a variety of organs and systems in the body, including the spleen, lungs, heart, eyes, endocrine system, and the blood. This crystal also has the capacity to strengthen and balance the function of the immune system, thereby reducing the occurrence of illness and disease.

Emotional and Mental Healing Properties

The emotional and mental healing properties of blue quartz are also rooted in its soothing vibrational energy, and make it an effective tool for dealing with a variety of issues. Blue quartz’s calming properties make it a useful tool for soothing any type of condition resulting from agitation or over-stimulation. It can help to reduce hyperactivity, as well.

Because blue quartz has the effect of enhancing and strengthening positive energies, it has popularly been used as an aid for helping to relieve feelings of depression.  In fact, this stone is is one of the most effective stones for replacing negative energy with positive. This gives it the ability to help one open up to feelings of peace, joy, and happiness.

Blue quartz is also effective for reducing emotional tension, anxiety, and fear. Also, it is sometimes used to help people be less stubborn or obstinate.  This is especially helpful for people who are stubborn out of negativity.

Metaphysical and Spiritual Properties of Blue Quartz

Blue quartz is widely renowned for its powerful metaphysical and spiritual properties. This crystal is known by crystal practitioners to be one of the best stones for enhancing personal spiritual development.  Blue quartz’s abilities to enhance communication also make it an invaluable tool for people try to contact spirits.

Blue quartz is an effective tool for helping people to express spirituality more clearly, honestly, and openly. Its soothing properties and energies make it a perfect crystal to use when performing focused meditation or mindfulness.

Some people have found that blue quartz is useful when performing aura cleansing.  It is also thought to be an excellent tool for clearing out and eliminating difficult energy blockages.

This crystal is able to amplify energy when performing nealry any type of  magic. Also, blue crystal can be used effectively for doing dreamwork, including interpreting dreams and visions.

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