Crystal energy vibrations for healing.

Energy Vibration of Healing Crystals

You may have heard that crystals “vibrate,” and that they have a certain “energy.” However, it may not be clear to you exactly what is meant by this. For those who are not quite sure what the relevance is of the energy vibration of healing crystals, we have written the following overview of why the vibrational frequency of crystals is so important to crystal energy healing.

Energy and Vibration

In order to maintain a steady rhythm, and allow them to keep accurate time, many clocks and other time pieces use quartz. Quartz is used for this purpose because it vibrates at a specific, fixed frequency, allowing clocks to maintain precise timing. Quartz’s frequency happens to be ideal for timekeeping. However all crystals vibrate at a certain frequency, and these varying frequencies can be useful for different purposes and goals.

Scientists have known for a very long time that, at an atomic level, everything is actually composed of energy. They have also discovered that vibrations interact in a way which can modify the frequency of these vibrations.

A simple example for illustrative purposes is a tuning fork. If you strike a tuning fork which is tuned to a G note so that it vibrates, it will cause a piano string of the same frequency to vibrate without coming into contact with it. This “sympathetic” vibration is a very basic example of how vibrations can interact and influence other things.

Crystals and gemstones can be thought of as a type of vibrating tuning fork that, when placed near other energy centers of the body, will stimulate a vibrational response.

Crystal Energy Vibration and the Body

Over time different crystals and stones have been discovered to have vibrational frequencies that stimulate and interact with particular energy centers (chakras) within the human body. Just as we have a central nervous system which controls our muscles and physical sensations, we also have a vibrational system which controls the energy flows and balance in our bodies. This concept is at the core of various eastern practices, including yoga and acupuncture. For example, with acupuncture, needles are placed in particular points on the body which help to remove energy blockages disrupting flow between the chakras.

These energy flows and vibrations in our bodies are where crystals come into play. All crystals and stones vibrate at different frequencies, resulting in different abilities to affect our body’s energies and systems. For example, rose quartz resonates well with the heart chakra in our chest. This not only makes rose quartz a good tool for promoting physical healing of the heart, but also balancing our emotional energies so that we are more open to feelings of love and empathy.

On the other hand, blue quartz (which has a calming influence) is strongly connected with the throat chakra. This makes it a good tool for healing and soothing the throat, as well as for promoting and enhancing communication and clarity.

These are just a couple of simple examples of how different crystal’s energy vibrations can interact with our energy centers for healing and well-being. There are many other, more complex ways that our bodies and spirits can interact with crystals and gemstones. However, much of crystal energy healing is based on placing crystals on or near particular parts of our bodies in order to stimulate and balance energy flows, much like acupuncture.

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