How to choose a crystal or stone for energy healing.

How to Choose a Crystal for Healing

One of the first questions people have about crystal energy healing is “how do I choose crystal?” Most of the time, people who use crystals for healing have a specific purpose or goal in mind. Although some types of crystals or stones are more suited, in general, for specific uses, not every individual crystal of that type will have identical properties. Also, each person may have different results or reactions from using a specific crystal or stone.

How to Choose the Right Healing Crystal or Stone

The most important factor for selecting a particular crystal for you is finding one that has an energy vibration whose frequency matches your purpose or goal. Everything in the universe vibrates at a specific frequency. This vibrational frequency is rooted in the motion of the atoms which make up everything in the material world. These frequencies can be modified, or may change over time on their own. Even throughout the course of a single day, your own individual frequency can fluctuate.

If your current emotional state is characterized by happiness, success, and fulfillment, then your frequency is probably very high. However, if you are experiencing negative emotions, such as those caused by being stressed about doing your taxes or worrying about work, then your vibrational frequency will likely be much lower.

Basic Crystal Selection Process

Following, we have outlined a basic, generalized process to help you identify which crystal or stone may be the most useful match for your particular purpose or goal.

  1. Clearly and specifically describe what your purpose or goal is.
  2. Search for a few types of crystals or stones that seem like good candidates for helping to facilitate your goal. You can find information about specific crystals and their uses in books, from friends, or on the internet (like this site!)
  3. Choose a specific crystal or stone that offers the best vibrational match to your specific frequency.

The final step is can be effectively accomplished by holding the crystal or gemstone in your hand, or visualizing holding it (if you are purchasing it online, for example), and then clearly state your specific purpose in an affirmative manner. For example, say “I want to stop being self-destructive,” rather than¬†“I want to stop feeling sad.”

Affirmative statements encourage the flow of positive energy, while negative statements can create resistance to these energy flows. Close your eyes while you clearly state your specific goal, which better allows you to focus inwardly.

If you are the type of person who is more in touch with your emotions then your physical body, try to find a positive feeling (light, joyous, content) to focus on. If you feel this emotion is enhanced while holding the crystal, it is likely a good match for you.

However, If you are someone who is more in touch with your physical body, you can utilize the muscle testing method. First, balance you body in an upright position and allow your body to hover and then fall in the direction it is drawn toward. If you start to fall forward, it generally means that you have found a good match. However, if you start to fall backwards, you probably haven’t found an ideal match for your purposes. Choose another stone, and try again, until you find a stone that resonates well with your physical body.

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