How to cleanse and purify crystals and stones of negative energy.

How to Cleanse Crystals and Stones of Negative Energy

Crystals Absorb Energy

Because crystals and stones will often absorb negative energies during use, it is important that you cleanse and purify your crystals regularly. If your crystals get particularly heavy or intense use, it is a good idea to cleanse them before or after each use. Also, it is a good idea to cleanse any new crystals or stones that you get to be sure that they are cleared of any energies that they may have absorbed prior to you getting them.

But, how exactly do you cleanse a crystal? There, are, in fact, a wide range of methods and techniques that different people have found to be effective for clearing any negative energy out of crystals and stones. Some of these techniques work better for some crystals than others. Also, different people may feel better results with some methods than others. After cleansing a stone, use your feelings and intuition to sense whether or not the crystal has actually been fully cleansed or not. If your crystal feels different, or somehow off after cleansing, you might need to cleanse it again, or try a different method.

Different Methods for Cleansing Crystals

There are a variety of popular methods to cleanse healing crystals. Choosing the best cleansing method usually depends on the specific type of crystal you are cleansing. Exposing a crystal or stone to direct sunlight for about an hour is often adequate to cleanse and purify most crystals. However, certain crystals may fade if left out in the sunlight. Amethyst is an example a crystal that may fade in sunlight, so avoid placing it in direct sunlight if you want them to keep their vibrant, purple hue.

Some other common methods and techniques for clearing energy out of crystals include:

Moonlight Cleansing

Moonlight cleansing is a subtle process that may take many hours, or even days. To fully cleanse a crystal using moonlight, you must expose a crystal to all phases of the moon. Place the crystal outside each night at sundown, and retrieve it before sunrise for four weeks (one lunar cycle).

Incense or Herbs

You can rub crystals or stones with various incense or herbs to remove energies. Lavender and sage are two effective herbs that are popularly used in this manner. Gently rub the herb over your crystal until you feel any absorbed energies dispel.

Salt Water

Soaking crystals or stones in salt water is another effective way to clear away negative energies that have been collected. Salt water from the ocean is particularly effective. However, if you do not have access to ocean, dissolving some salt into a bowl of water will work as well.

Fresh Water

Fresh water from a natural body of water can also be used. This is generally more for light cleansing and the water should not come from a bottle or the tap. Allow crystals to soak overnight to cleanse.

Bury the Crystal in the Ground

A powerful way to cleanse and purify a heavily-used crystal or stone is to bury it in the Earth overnight. This allows stubborn energies to return to the Earth, leaving the crystal clear and ready to be used.

Brown Rice

Placing crystals in a bowl of brown rice is another method that some people use to help cleanse crystals. Be sure to completely cover the crystal in rice and let it sit for a day or so. This may be less effective for crystals and stones that absorb particularly large amounts of energy.

Purple or Violet Plates

Placing used crystals on plates that are purple or violet has been found to be another effective technique for cleansing and purification. Purple or violet plates are often used to raise the vibrational frequency of items placed on them, and this makes them a useful tool for help to bring crystals back into balance.


These are several of the methods we have found to be effective for cleansing and purifying healing crystals and gemstones. Some people have had success with other methods, particularly for specific crystals. If you have discovered any other effective methods for clearing stones of negative energy, please share your experiences in the comments box below.

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