The three phases or steps to crystal energy healing.

The Three Steps of Healing with Crystals

Healing with crystals rarely happens immediately. Although you may instantly feel some type of benefit or healing sensation, it will generally take a period of time for the crystal healing process to reach its potential.
This period of time can generally be broken out into three distinct steps or phases of crystal healing: cleansing; harmonizing and integrating; and stabilization. To ensure a maximum level of healing and to make sure that all the steps of healing are achieved, you should try to wear crystals on or near your body as much as possible. The constant exposure to the crystal energy vibrations will be able to more quickly correct any energy imbalances in your body.

The Three Steps or Phases of Crystal Energy Healing

1. Cleansing Process

The first step in healing with crystals is the cleansing process. In the first couple of weeks of using a crystal, the healing crystal will cause significant changes to your body’s energy fields. This will helping to begin to bring your specific energy fields back into a normal balance. This is integral to beginning the healing process.

If possible, you should try to keep the crystal on or near you at all times for the first month or so for the cleansing process to work successfully. Also, during this phase, energy blockages which are creating any imbalances will start to be removed.

It is possible that you may experience a healing crisis at this early point of the process. Resolving and reconciling the core issues could take some time.  Crystals help to speed up this healing process. Try to let these changes occur without interrupting them. You can aid this by keeping the stone or crystal near you, as much as possible, until you the remaining crystal healing phases are completed.

2) Harmonizing and Integrating

The next phase in healing with crystals is the process of harmonizing and integrating the energy changes into your entire body. Both physical and emotional transformation may occur during the first two steps as the crystal acts to help bring your physical, emotional, and spiritual energies back into correct balance. Expelling negative and toxic energies during the cleansing process can bring about some of these changes.

After you’ve been wearing the stone for a month or so, you will enter the second phase of crystal healing. You will probably started to notice that you appear and feel more relaxed and calm as the harmonization of energy fields starts to take place. Your feelings, perspective, and overall state of mind may start to change in significant ways. As energy starts to flow more freely, you will become more balanced, activating more energy within you. This can bring about many positive feelings and sensations.

Although you might see positive results at this point, do not stop wearing the stone or crystal. The process of harmonizing the energies and integrating them into your body and being needs to run its course, and the final phase of crystal healing must be allowed to occur.

3) Stabilization

The third, and final, phase of crystal energy healing can take anywhere from 2-4 months to complete. In some cases, it may take even longer, depending on the nature and intensity of the initial imbalance and issue. As you continue to wear the crystal your energies will start to stabilize, bringing about a more permanent transformation.

The progress of the stabilization can be tested by removing the crystals from time to time. If, after removing the crystal, you quickly begin to feel worse and have a strong urge to return to wearing the crystal, then the energies are not yet stabilized. As time goes by, it should take longer and longer to feel this negative sensation when you remove the crystal.

Once you can go for a few days without wearing the crystal, but then notice the old energy imbalance returning, you’ll probably need to continue wearing the crystal or stone for another couple of weeks. Eventually, when the energy is completely stabilized, you should be able to stop wearing the crystal for good. However, if you start to feel the old energy pattern return, at any point, go back to wearing the crystal for a few days.

You may find that you get better results by wearing the crystal over the long term. This is okay, as your sensitivity to the original energy imbalance might be heightened.

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