The best healing crystals for dogs.

Best Crystals for Dogs and Other Pets

Many of us use crystals and gems for ourselves for their healing and spiritual properties. However, many people don’t think to use these same tools for their dogs, cats, or other pets. Crystals, along with other alternative therapies and treatments, can have profound healing effects on our bodies and minds.

Even though they are not understood by the conventional medical community, many people find these therapies are successful for improving health and wellness, and achieving better spiritual and emotional balance. Also, these therapies are desirable, as they tend to not come with many of the negative side-effects associated with conventional medicine.

We consider all the options and tools for our own health and well-being. We shouldn’t do any less for our dogs and other pets.

Choosing Crystals for Your Dog, Cat, or other Pet

We put a lot of thought into choosing the right puppy for our family, but how do we go about choosing the right crystal for them? For people, we can simply pick one up see how it makes us feel. However, picking a crystal or gem for somebody else, including your dog, can be a bit more difficult. We want to make sure we pick the right stone, but we don’t have direct insight into their feelings or mind.

There isn’t one “correct” method for choosing a crystal. However, here are some useful guidelines when trying to pick the right stone for your pet.

Your Dog Should Choose Their Own Crystals

First, choose a few crystals for your pet to test out. You want to limit this to three or four for your dog to choose from. Use your best judgment according to what you know about your pet and what you know about certain stones.

Next, show your dog one of the crystals by holding it in front of them. Let your pet smell it, sniff it, and investigate it. Obviously, make sure your dog doesn’t try to eat it. Make sure your pet has adequate time to check out the crystal. As your dog interacts with the stone, be aware of their reactions. Does it have any observable effect on your dog’s mood or behavior? If they show interest in that stone, set it aside as a possible candidate. On the other hand, if they show no interest, or have a negative reaction, discard this one.

Next, take the crystal away and see how your dog reacts. If your dog seeks out the crystal or remains relaxed, then these are signs that this may be a good crystal for your pet.

Repeat this process to narrow your candidates down to the crystals that resonate the most with your pet.

How to Use Crystals With Your Dog or Pet

Once your pet has selected a crystal, you can use it in various ways to enhance your dog’s health and wellness. A good idea is to place the crystal underneath your dog’s bed or the blanket they sleep on. Another method is to place the crystal in a small pouch with can be attached to your dog’s collar. Both of these methods allow for your dog to continuously be exposed to the crystal’s healing energy. Also, you can hold the crystal yourself while you pet your dog.

Crystals can be placed under your dog's bed for healing.

Placing a crystal under your dog’s bed can help them get the benefit of healing energy throughout the day.

Pay attention to your dog’s interest and reactions while using a crystal. If they continue to show interest and you notice good results, keep using the crystal. However, if your pet starts to show indications of stress or anxiety, or if you notice any type of worsening of behaviors or reactions, then you may want to stop using that crystal, at least for a time. That particular crystal might have too much energy for your pet, so overuse can overload your dog. Regularly monitor your dog’s interest and behavior when using crystals.

The Best Crystals to Use for Dogs

Amber is widely used as a tool for both energy and calm. It has powerful properties of protection and detoxification. Many dogs suffer from various allergies. This stone is an ideal tool to use for those pets. Also, dogs that are suffering from digestive problems can benefit from this crystal. Finally, it’s calming effects can be useful for dogs suffering from anxiety or fear.

Clear Quartz is widely valued for its transformative and enhancement properties. It can improve energy, moderate emotions, and accelerate healing. It is particularly effective for helping to relive pain and reduce inflammation. Dogs suffering from problems with knee and hip joints can greatly benefit from this stone.

Lithium Quartz is known for its ability to promote positive energy. It is a great crystal for helping to deal with depression in people, as well as dogs and other animals. Pets may become depressed when a loved one dies or if they have a history of being abused. Signs your pet may be depressed include lack of appetite, low energy, and wanting to be by themselves.

Amethyst has inherent qualities which are able to enhance calm and serenity. It can help reduce feelings of fear, panic, and anxiety. Amethyst is a great stone to use for dog that suffer from separation anxiety.

Green Aventurine is a powerful crystal for enhancing feels of love and positivity. Dogs are often more highly sensitive than people, and can easily be affected by sadness and grief. This crystal is particularly effective for dogs that have been rescued from a shelter or puppies that have just been separated from their litter.

Black Tourmaline is known as the most powerful stone for protection. Dogs are highly sensitive and tend to absorb whatever energies they are exposed to in their environment, whether positive or negative. This stone is often useful for dogs who tend to spend most of their time around humans. It can help mitigate any negative energies we unintentionally pass along to our pets.

Selenite is often used to cleanse and remove negativity energy from other crystals. It has soothing healing properties that can help relieve tension and soreness in the body. Selenite is particularly effective for helping to alleviate back pain. This can be a helpful tool for older dogs that suffer from join pain. Put a piece of this crystal under your dog’s bed to help them have more restful and comfortable sleep.


Crystals are wonderful tools that many people use to enhance and improve their health and well-being. These same healing properties can be used for our dogs, cats, and other pets. Keep in mind that although crystals can be powerful healers, they are not a replacement for veterinary care, when necessary. If your dog or other pet is displaying unusual behavior or symptoms, keep an eye on them, and take them to the vet if the symptoms persist or worsen.

Having crystals located in your living environment can provide many positive benefits, not only for you, but for your loved dog or other pet, as well.

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