Healing trauma using crystal energy healing.

Best Crystals for Healing Trauma

Many of us are impacted by emotional trauma. Whether it’s underlying emotional trauma we’ve suffered as children, traumatic abuse, or traumatic heartbreak, the effects and scars can last a lifetime if not addressed. Fortunately, one of the primary uses of crystal energy healing is as a tool for helping us to overcome the damaging emotional effects of trauma we’ve experienced.

Following, we have listed some of the best crystals to use for specific types of emotional suffering and trauma.

Healing Emotional Trauma from Sexual Abuse

Rhodochrosite is a pink, orange, or cream-colored crystal. It is known widely known as a stone of compassion. It is generally considered to be one of the best crystals of the best stones for helping to overcome the severe emotional pain and suffering caused by sexual abuse.

The energies of this crystals help us to open our hears and minds to overcome the denial that often comes with this type of trauma. It also can help us to accept and let go of these painful emotions. Rhodochrosite can also be used to help counter depression. Rhodochrosite crystals are generally worn on the wrist or placed over the heart on a pendant.

Overcoming Fear of Attachment and Love

Pink tourmaline is another healing crystal that is generally worn over the heart. Its energy helps to attract love, promote emotional security, and connect the wearer with compassionate feelings. Counterproductive, negative, or destructive thoughts and feelings are replaced with an open awareness that expressing feelings of love is safe to do. All forms of tourmaline are widely used to help remove such energy blockages and emotions. Pink tourmaline crystals are the ideal stone when working with any blockages connected to the heart and emotional pain.

Healing Feelings of Abandonment

Smithsonite is found in a wide range of colors, from a deep pink to bluish-green. It is the ideal crystal for people who have trouble accepting that they are worthy of love and attachment. Many people have a persistent view of being permanently unwanted and unloved. This type of emotional trauma often starts from an absence of emotional nurturing during childhood.

Healing the Trauma of Betrayal and Loss

Dioptase is deep bluish-green healing crystal which is a powerful tool for overcoming the emotional suffering and heartache that comes from losing someone you love. It is able to help with these feelings of loss whether the loss was due to betrayal, abandonment, or even death. It counteracts the dark and negative energies that are generated by being abandoned and helps to replace them with optimism and positive feelings. This crystal is often held over the heart chakra for healing.

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