There are many crystals you can use for fear and anxiety.

Crystals Used for Fear and Anxiety

Suffering with feelings of fear and anxiety is among the most widespread psychic and psychological problems experienced by people every day.  Worrisome world events, work stress, relationship problems, and worry about negative possibilities can fill us with a constant sense of dread or impending doom. Despite this, the world tends to keep going on, and our fears and anxieties do not prevent what we are afraid of anyway.
Apart from traditional techniques for dealing with fear and anxiety, such as the use of natural herbs, regular practice of mindful meditation, yoga, and trying to focus on the positive things in our lives, crystal energy healing can also be used as an effective tool for fighting and minimizing these destructive and negative emotions.

Best Crystals for Reducing Fear and Anxiety

Over the years, many people have discovered which crystals and stones have been successful for reducing the effects of fear and anxiety. Many crystals have powerful, inherent properties which can help mitigate the influence of these negative feelings. We have compiled a list of crystals and stones that we have personally used, or that have been used by trusted friends or colleagues, for dealing with excessive or unwanted fears and anxieties.

Some of the crystals and stones that have been found to have energies useful for eliminating and releasing fear are:


Ammonite is actually a fossil of an extinct subclass of cephalopods. These fossilized stones are excellent for helping us to accept change and gain useful perspective and insight, which can help us better deal with unwanted fears.


Aquamarine helps to bolster courage and enhance our perspective of the world around us. It is also has soothing and calming energies, which make it an excellent tool for reducing fear and worry.

Black Tourmaline

Black tourmaline is a powerful stone of protection and removing negative energy. This can help protect us from the negative influences in the world around us, and reduce the effects of fear in our minds and hearts. It also provides a sense of calm during chaotic situations.


Calcite acts to calm the mind, cleanse negative energies around us, and guide us to spiritual insight and transformation. This can help us to be more balanced and centered, pushing anxiety out of our minds.


Carnelian has profound abilities to promote positive thinking and action. It helps to promote stability, as well as stimulate motivation and courage. It also helps to replace negative emotions and patterns with love and positivity. Carnelian’s qualities make it one of the most useful tools for transforming anxiety into positive action.

Carnelian is a powerful crystal for managing fear and anxiety, due to its abilities to enhance courage, increase motivation, and promote positive thinking.


Chrysocolla not only calms our minds and cleanses negative energy, but also promotes confidence, power, and motivation. It can help to reduce needless worry and encourage us to make positive changes, instead.


Chrysoprase acts to balance and stimulate our energies, promoting a sense of oneness with the universe. It’s ability to enhance hope helps us to see the positive things in life instead of focusing on things which make us worry.


Citrine is a powerful stone of positive energy. It energizes our minds and spirits, promoting success, joy, and enthusiasm. It helps to enhance our confidence and stimulate our motivation to be positive and productive. It banishes fear and anxiety by filling us with positive motivation.


Quartz is one of the master healing crystals. It absorbs and dispels all types of negative energy and influences, helping us to be more balanced and energized.


Sodalite is able to bring order, calm, and objectivity. It helps to balance and regulate our emotions, allowing us to see things in a clear and rational light. This is a great stone for calming exaggerated fears and worries.


Variscite is an ideal aid for helping to deal with fear or anxiety. It has a profound ability to promote inner peace, tranquility, and harmony. It helps to reduce feelings of despair, as well as engender us to problem solve, instead of wallowing in stress and worry.


Zoisite is a crystal of vitality, prosperity, and joy. It helps us to overcome feelings of defeat or despair, opening us up to positive feelings and action. Its ability to fill us with positive energy and reduce negative emotions make it another excellent tool for managing fear and anxiety.

Petrified Wood

Finally, many people have found that petrified wood is particularly effective for dealing with extreme fears that threaten our survival. These types of fears include being afraid of losing your spouse, your job, or your home.


There are many stones that can be effective for helping us to deal with fear and anxiety. This list contains some of the crystals and stones we have found to be most effective. If you have found certain crystals or stones to be particularly effective for managing worries and fears, please share your experiences by commenting below.

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