How to choose a crystal or stone for energy healing.

How to Choose a Crystal for Healing

One of the first questions people have about crystal energy healing is “how do I choose crystal?” Most of the time, people who use crystals for healing have a specific purpose or goal in mind. Although some types of crystals or stones are more suited, in general, for […]

Crystal energy vibrations for healing.

Energy Vibration of Healing Crystals

You may have heard that crystals “vibrate,” and that they have a certain “energy.” However, it may not be clear to you exactly what is meant by this. For those who are not quite sure what the relevance is of the energy vibration of healing crystals, we have […]

Introduction to crystal energy healing.

Overview of Crystal Energy Healing

People have used crystals and gemstones since ancient times for their healing properties, ritualistic uses, and metaphysical powers. Just the appearance of many crystals can fill one with an undeniable sense of mysticism and awe, and their spiritual and physical effects can often be felt with a single […]

How to cleanse and purify crystals and stones of negative energy.

How to Cleanse Crystals and Stones of Negative Energy

Crystals Absorb Energy Because crystals and stones will often absorb negative energies during use, it is important that you cleanse and purify your crystals regularly. If your crystals get particularly heavy or intense use, it is a good idea to cleanse them before or after each use. Also, […]

The three phases or steps to crystal energy healing.

The Three Steps of Healing with Crystals

Healing with crystals rarely happens immediately. Although you may instantly feel some type of benefit or healing sensation, it will generally take a period of time for the crystal healing process to reach its potential. This period of time can generally be broken out into three distinct steps […]