The healing properties and uses of rose quartz.

Rose Quartz Healing Properties and Uses

Rose Quartz Crystal Properties Encourages and Fosters Love Enhances Empathy and Forgiveness Provides Comfort, Calm, and Reassurance Relieves Stress and Anxiety Reduces Anger, Resentment, and Jealousy Promotes Self-Acceptance and Self-Worth Enhances Romance and Sexuality Rose Quartz Chakra Associations Heart Chakra (Fourth Chakra) Description of Rose Quartz Rose quartz […]

Rose crystal is a good crystal for treating anxiety.

Treating Anxiety Using Rose Quartz

Anxiety has become an epidemic in modern society. Fears, stress, and worries about the world and the future often overwhelm us, sapping our strength and joy. If you find that you are suffering from unmanageable amounts of anxiety, there are many crystals that are effective tools for helping […]