Quartz Healing Properties and Uses

Quartz is generally considered the most popular and widely used crystal for healing. It comes in a myriad of types, colors, shapes and sizes, including amethyst, citrine, milky quartz, blue quartz, rose quartz, etc.

Clear quartz is often available as points, clusters, or druze, in a wide variety of shapes and inclusions. Quartz crystals help to unblock energy centers and aids the body in healing. Just holding a quartz point every day can help to boost the immune system.

Rose Quartz comes in a soft, pink color which is, in itself, extremely calming. It is the crystal for self-love, to bolster self-esteem when it is being threatened – a calming crystal. It helps to promote people to forgive by relieving anger, pain, and other negative energies. Rose quartz reveals imbalances in emotion; place a rose quartz in a room where arguments are likely to happen. Calmly sit and meditate with a rose quartz when feeling perturbed – it can help to calm your emotions and to feel inner peace.

Amethyst generally comes in deep shade of purple. It is thought that those who prefer rose quartz are often also drawn to amethyst. It is a very spiritual stone. Placing one under your pillow can help to reduce nightmares, as well as enhance the dream state. Amethyst can be an excellent crystal to protect against alcoholism.

Citrine is a deep orange-brown or bright yellow color. This type of quartz does not absorb negative energies. It is also known as the “merchant stone,” and it is a good stone to hold when one is suffering from stress and anxiety. It can also aid one in polishing their communication skills.

Smokey quartz has often been considered a good luck stone. Historically, it has been given to soldiers about to go into battle. It can help to alleviate negativity and also to promote relaxation. Placed under one’s pillow at night, it is thought to help induce lucid dreaming. It can help to balance one’s sexual energy and aid in recall activities.

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