Smoky Quartz Healing Properties and Uses

Smoky quartz is generally one of the best crystals to use for grounding, making it an excellent crystal to use when ending a healing session or meditation. Smoky quartz gets its color from a type of natural radiation which comes from the earth. The process which causes this is easily replicated by artificial techniques, therefore it is important to ensure that you get your natural smoky quartz from a reputable source.

Used as a grounding crystal, smoky quartz is ideal for using at the end of a session which may leave one feeling disconnected from the physical plane. These may include such sessions as healing, meditating, rituals, and ceremonies.

Smoky quartz is especially effective if placed at the base chakra, but is also often used under a pillow, worn as a pendant, or simply kept in the hands. It works well when worn as a pendant for extended periods of time, and is also used for pain for relief by placing over the affected area. Pointed crystals may be utilized to draw out negative energies when placed on one’s body with the point facing away.

A crystal ball made out of smoky quartz can be an ideal tool for divination, as it helps with both scrying and intuition. In mountainous regions, the crystal was used for protection against bad luck, so can also be carried in one’s pocket.

Smoky Quartz can be a strong source for positive, healing energy and for protection. Utilizing it every day may help one go through life in a more positive, energetic and healthy condition.

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