There are many crystals you can use for fear and anxiety.

Crystals Used for Fear and Anxiety

Suffering with feelings of fear and anxiety is among the most widespread psychic and psychological problems experienced by people every day. ¬†Worrisome world events, work stress, relationship problems, and worry about negative possibilities can fill us with a constant sense of dread or impending doom. Despite this, the […]

There are many effective crystals for insomnia or sleeplessness.

Crystals for Insomnia and Sleeplessness

Almost everyone suffers from insomnia at some point or another. Some of us struggle with it on a regular basis, while others may have problems sleeping only occasionally. Not getting enough sleep drains us physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. We need to recharge every night in order to […]

The best crystals for grief.

Using Crystals for Healing Grief

Grief can be one of the most difficult and draining things we go through in our lives. Intense sadness and grief can be difficult to heal, and many people suffer with emotional pain for months or years. It saps our energy and motivation, and often disrupts our relationships, […]

Rose crystal is a good crystal for treating anxiety.

Treating Anxiety Using Rose Quartz

Anxiety has become an epidemic in modern society. Fears, stress, and worries about the world and the future often overwhelm us, sapping our strength and joy. If you find that you are suffering from unmanageable amounts of anxiety, there are many crystals that are effective tools for helping […]

Healing trauma using crystal energy healing.

Best Crystals for Healing Trauma

Many of us are impacted by emotional trauma. Whether it’s underlying emotional trauma we’ve suffered as children, traumatic abuse, or traumatic heartbreak, the effects and scars can last a lifetime if not addressed. Fortunately, one of the primary uses of crystal energy healing is as a tool for […]